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Ferrero Brand


Ferrero currently offers more than 30 different products in Germany in various product categories: from chocolates, chocolate bars and chilled milk snacks to the kinder chocolate brands, the nutella spread and the tic tac refreshment candy. All of them are characterized by top quality and freshness and invite you to enjoy a unique taste experience. Because as different as our products are: Each and every one of them contains the knowledge, skill and passion of all those involved in its creation and production. It goes without saying that we use only the best ingredients for their preparation, whose taste we preserve through gentle processing.


The manufacture of our products is accompanied by comprehensive quality management. When our carefully selected raw materials arrive at the factory, they are immediately subjected to a quality inspection. Only then are they released for production. Tests are also carried out repeatedly during the individual production steps. In addition, we have tests carried out by external laboratories in order to control quality and food safety in this way as well.
To ensure a consistent taste experience, we also rely on the human senses. The Ferrero Group therefore employs more than 1,000 testers who put the appearance, smell and taste of our products to the test in more than 400,000 individual tests each year.


Chocolate and chocolates taste best when fresh. That's why we make sure that our products are packaged carefully and in a way that preserves their flavor, and then reach retailers quickly - and thus fresh and in top quality.