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Order spices from Germany

Spices make the food really tasty. In addition, are healthy and some swear that you can lose weight. In our online shop you will find a very rich selection of spices. How to make life spicy! Order the brand from Germany "FUCHS" with us! Enjoy the high quality of the bottled spices! No matter o ground or rubbed - spice up your food according to your desire and recipe. You will find a great variety here. Of course, you can trust that all spices come from controlled cultivation. The food tastes so good again!

How are you doing? Our spices are optimally and smashed aromatic.

By the way: "Rebeln" is the name given to very coarsely ground herbs. The herbs are usually processed in a semi-dry state with a roller. This is how the typical size for the Rebeln falls. Milled, on the other hand, are spices that have been worked with a millstone. It used to be ground with a mortar. That did a lot of work, but it was possible to elicit their aromas from the herbs. Mortars have recently returned to the kitchens, because on a small scale this is really fun and you can experiment a lot.

What tips can we give you on the subject of spices?

Take basil, for example. It is one of the best known herbs and grows in many parts of Europe. Originally it comes from Europe's south - but maybe even from India or Egypt. This herb has made a long journey. order it now also in the USA. Our tip: Use basil preferably with Mediterranean dishes. Basil rubbed goes perfectly with pizza or salad.

Order spices from Germany

Whether savory, chives or dill - spices are an indispensable part of modern cooking. With our assortment you can equip your kitchen perfectly. You need laurel or marjoram? Whether tarragon, cinnamon or thyme, whether special spice mix for fish or pepper - we deliver directly to your home. Decide on the taste variety. Order products from the German brand Fuchs.