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German beer

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Drinks like beer – directly from Germany

Buy good non-alcoholic beer from Germany online and have it conveniently delivered to your home. Order German beer now!

German Purity Law and Great Diversity - Tradition and Enjoyment for German Beverages

The German Purity Law stands for the age-old brewing tradition that dates back at least 500 years. Nowhere else in Germany is there such a wide variety of breweries. German beer is part of society and culture, at least in Germany. There is no other beverage to offer such a wide variety of flavors. The target groups for beer are equally diverse. On the one hand, especially tradition-conscious people drink the hops juice. On the other hand, certain varieties are popular in many scenes and of course at parties.

Simply order German beer abroad

There are people who turn their backs on Germany and then emigrate to the country of their dreams. The reason is often because there is a job waiting for them or the area is much more appealing to live in than the country of origin. Once you have landed in Spain, Tanzania, Australia, Costa Rica or another country, you have to settle in first. This includes overcoming a lack of language skills, a lack of local knowledge and other obstacles.

After some time getting to know the meals, drinks and other specialties of the country, it can happen that you long for the beer from Germany. But nowadays it is possible to order drinks from Germany at germanfood.shop and have them delivered.

No longer do without German beer abroad

Who really wants to skip a beer from a meal for lunch, for example? There is certainly the possibility of consuming the beer of the new dream home with a dish. However, not every country in the world produces this drink with the same quality as German beer.

For this reason, it is of course understandable that people would like to enjoy German beer in the country of immigration. And if you don't like alcohol, choose non-alcoholic! Everyone can consume non-alcoholic beer from Germany in their new home!

Present beer from Germany abroad

While people used to drink Erdinger or another favorite beer at home with friends or in a café, local beers or other beverages are often drunk with new friends. Of course it is important to deal with the different tastes first.

Whereupon it can happen that one day you like them. But even in the new dream home, nobody needs to miss drinks from Germany in the long run. So when you meet your new friends, it is possible to surprise them with excellent beer from Germany. You also have the opportunity to offer the other people non-alcoholic beer from Germany. Order now via Germanfood.shop!