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Frosch cleaner

They are among the most popular cleaners in Germany - the cleaners of the Frosch brand. The special feature of these products: Here you clean freely according to the motto "less is more!". Where other cleaners rely on powerful but also environmentally harmful or sometimes acidic substances, Frosch goes another way.

Strong in cleanliness and gentle on the skin - typical German product

Frosch makes a great clean! He makes your kitchen blink. Rest assured: it also has a gentle effect on people and the environment. Because all formulations are actually based on plant raw materials. Nevertheless, the cleaner is highly effective. This feat only finished the well-known products from Germany. Moreover, the brand is also environmentally friendly. Because all ingredients are biodegradable.

Frosch Cleaner order here in our online shop

Here you can easily order Non Food Kitchen & Household products from Germany online. German housewares are popular products all over the world. Especially in the field of ecological cleaners, German companies produce convincing products. Because German companies are known for quality and innovation. You want to keep the kitchen, bathroom and toilet clean with frog? Without hesitation, also use the cleaning agent where small children are staying. Because the Frosch cleaner is dermatologically tested. He also cleans pH-neutral.

Where can you use the Frosch cleaner everywhere?

Actually, one has to say: Frosch can clean everything. Whether floors, wood, furniture, tiles or sanitary - everywhere Frosch creates clean surfaces with its cleaning concept. What is the secret of the cleaner? Very easily! With plant-based surfactants, skin or other materials may come into contact without being irritating. In fact, you can clean it more often. You do not run the risk of affecting your health.

Innovative cleaning for kitchen and bathroom

For example, you can use the hygiene cleaner on all work surfaces in the kitchen. The product is 100% safe for your food. For example, on cutting boards, the cleaner naturally removes bacteria and food scraps. So also clean refrigerators and microwaves! Click here for our products.