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pasta + potatos

Pasta and potatoes from Germany


Whether pasta such as pasta or potatoes, choose yourself! Manufacturers from Germany bring many tasty products on the market. The quality of German food producers is valued worldwide. Whether Pfanni, Zabler or Settele - we offer you a wide selection. Order German pasta and potatoes online. Therefore, you too can cook soon as in Germany. Our shipping is safe and reliable.

From exotic imports to the most important vegetables in Germany - how typical German is the potato?

Which vegetables are actually the most popular in Germany? Right: the potato. It shapes the eating habits of Germans like no other. It was only about 200 years ago that potatoes were first grown in Germany. First there was only an exotic vegetable from South America. Today, the potato from Germany is indispensable. Nothing works without potatoes! You fry them. Or she cooks. Likewise, potatoes are popular as a casserole or salad. Inside, there are mainly important carbohydrates and vitamins.

Potatoes and pasta - your fillers!

Over the past 30 years eating habits have changed. Today, pasta is just behind potatoes in second place in Germany.

Potatoes and pasta - the brands in our shop

We offer you the most famous pasta from Germany. For example, order products from Birkel. The popular brand is a term for every German. It just tastes good! Also 3 Glocken is a manufacturer that is well known to many Germans. Whether noodles, macaroni, ribbon noodles, spaghetti or spaetzle - order today in the shop! For potatoes, however, sets the label Pfanni accents. Order, for example, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, dumplings, farmer's breakfast, fried potatoes or the famous bread dumplings!

Experience the great quality of our products pasta and potatoes. Also for the fast kitchen we offer you tasty: For example, Pfanni dumplings in the cooking bag!

Then try cooking a hearty mashed potato. The Pfanni product makes it possible. Whether hearty, casual or complete! In addition, the puree always succeeds. Discover delicious recipes to try on each pack!