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Gluten-free food from Germany

Food from Germany stands for enjoyment. Hearty specialties such as dumplings or sauerkraut and various types of bread are at the top of the list. Pickled cucumbers, home-made goulash and beer make connoisseurs' eyes light up. But also various sweets, spreads and honey are well-known German delicacies. You can get groceries from Germany from us all year round.

Anyone suffering from celiac disease or another gluten intolerance must follow a special diet. Gluten is contained in various types of grain as an adhesive protein. Therefore, people with gluten intolerance must be particularly careful with flour and pastries. However, the gluten protein is also added to various finished products as a binder. If you want to avoid it, you have to pay attention to the special labeling of most products. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of gluten-free foods. With us you get gluten-free food from Germany - for a pleasure without regrets.

Breakfast with German gluten free food

Would you like to enjoy a German breakfast? In addition to coffee, either bread or rolls or cereals are served. Serve with a glass of juice or some fruit. Typical German cereals are oat flakes from the brand company Kolln (Kölln). We offer gluten-free Kolln oat flakes from Germany, as well as cereal flakes and muesli without gluten. Muesli is actually a Swiss specialty, but it's very common on German breakfast tables. With us you get a tasty and gluten-free fruit muesli from Germany.

Germany is known for its variety of breads. There are said to be over 300 varieties. Bread in Germany is often spread with butter or vegetable fat and served with hearty toppings such as ham, cheese or sausage. The bread or rolls can also be provided with sweet spreads such as jam, nut cream or honey for a real German breakfast. It's a good thing that we also have gluten-free bread from Germany. From dark wholemeal bread to crispy rolls, from country bread to crispbread, you can get a wide variety of breads from us. With this you can bring a real German snack to the table - and without any gluten at all.

The gluten-free bread baking mixes are also particularly practical. With it you can bake your own bread without gluten according to the German recipe. Very fresh. Whenever you want.

Gluten-free baked goods from Germany

If you want to try German food, you can't avoid baked goods. The famous, crispy rusk has a long shelf life and is particularly popular with children. Butter biscuits stand for German enjoyment. Pure and tender, simply delicious. Children especially can't get enough of it. Various biscuits with chocolate harmonize perfectly with a fragrant coffee. Various types of waffles are also part of the German coffee table. But they are also eaten with pleasure from time to time. Whipped cream is often served with waffles, or vanilla ice cream or cherries. But of course it is not easy to get baked goods from Germany without gluten. With us you not only get the typical German butter biscuits in a recipe without gluten, but also double biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cookies, crackers, oat biscuits, muffins and even lemon cake. For full enjoyment without gluten.

If you want to make German-style baked goods yourself, you need gluten-free flour. You always need flour, especially for baking, but also for cooking. Of course also for German specialties such as Christmas stollen, waffles or cookies. Getting flour without gluten that also has good baking properties is not easy. That is why we offer different types of Schar (Schär) flour for different purposes. Of course we have a gluten-free bread flour from Germany with which you can try out various delicious bread recipes. The dark bread flour contains buckwheat flour and is suitable for darker breads. A milder cake and biscuit flour and, of course, a universal flour complete the range. This allows you to try out typical German recipes for yourself, from pancakes to Kaiserschmarrn.

Cook gluten-free with products from Germany

If you cook for yourself, you have more options for ensuring a gluten-free diet. To cook German dishes without gluten, use our gluten-free products from Germany.

In Germany, so-called breadcrumbs are used for breading. It gives the meat or vegetables a crispy covering that protects the juicy contents. With us you get gluten-free breadcrumbs from Germany. Or do you want to prepare a gluten-free pizza? It's very easy with the Schar pizza base. And Schar's gluten-free hamburger rolls are ideal for hamburgers.

We recommend the gluten-free gnocchi or pasta as a side dish. Incidentally, delicious, filling salads can be prepared with both the pasta and the gnocchi. Gluten-free bread from Germany is often served with soup or sausages.

You want to grill meat?

The gluten-free Bauz'ner sizzling sauce with mustard and cucumber is perfect for barbecuing. And a gluten-free focaccia from Schar provides an excellent basis.

Simply try typical German products such as rusk or beer in gluten-free quality. With us you get gluten-free beer from Germany as well as gluten-free pasta or soft waffles. Schar gluten-free gnocchi are a delicious side dish and are suitable for specialty salads. You can also find gluten-free food from Germany to snack on, such as sweet chocolate-orange biscuits or spicy curvies. Try it out. We deliver quickly and in fresh, high quality.