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beverage powder

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Beverage powder from Germany

Beverage powders are just super practical: they make you a delicious drink in seconds with cold or hot water. Add the powder, pour the water on it, stir, that's it! The US is known for its variety of products. But drink powder from Germany and Europe are something very special. In addition, many Germans living or working in the US can quickly turn to powdered drinks from their homes. How it works? Simply order here in the online shop. In a few days, the goods will be delivered directly to your home.

If it's refreshing or tasty, opt for powdered drink

How many brands of beverage powder there is, remains unknown to many consumers, as many usually use only a few brands. In our shop unfolds the full variety of possibilities in front of your eyes. Just click through and order!

Hot or cold, sweet or pleasantly tart - many flavors simply and quickly prepared

Whether hot or cold drinks: The delicacies from our online shop are always prepared quickly. Choose from many different brands. You will find these quickly and clearly in the shop.

The whole world of beverage powder brands in our shop!

You like cocoa as a beverage powder? For example, order Caotina. This special powder from Switzerland is warm or cold pure sensual pleasure. A well-known brand for young and old, however, is Kaba. This brand offers a whole world of sweet beverage ideas. Here are the children especially at their expense. And there are also different flavors! Instead of cocoa, there's delicious vanilla or strawberry milk!

Cocoa or cappuccino drinks mixed - ideal for a break in everyday life or on the road

Adults prefer brands like Kruger. Just pour the cappuccino or the latte with hot water and you're done! So you can quickly enjoy your coffee or milk beverage almost anywhere! Kruger offers countless pleasures. You are guaranteed to have the typical German product quality.

Another Swiss brand is Ovaltine. These trendy products are just right for the snack in between. But also for breakfast there's delicious drinks powder. Of course, classic is the chocolate powder!

Last but not least - the best-known beverage powder is and remains Nesquick. Even with the nestle brand, you can get the full taste of cacao in just a few seconds!

Discover the new taste

Discover also new products in our online shop. Get the taste of home to your home. For example, you might choose the product iced tea. Especially in the warm summer months, this powder is wonderfully refreshing. Everything stirred quickly, less sugar, but delicious!