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Organic - Grocery

Organic food is food from organic farming. The term is defined by law in the EU. These products must come from organically controlled cultivation. They must not:

  • be genetically modified and
  • must be grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge
  • be derived from animals that are kept in a species-appropriate manner in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation
  • must not have been treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Products are not irradiated with ionizing radiation and contain fewer food additives than conventional foods.

Let's pay attention to the welfare of the environment and animals together!

Enjoy the German way of life worldwide - organic and sustainable

Buy organic food from Germany online: German food is appreciated and loved all over the world. And not only with conventionally produced food, but also with organic products from German manufacturers, you quite rightly enjoy a great reputation! The great experience of the producers, the strict controls when issuing organic certificates and the great care taken in processing the products ensure that sustainably produced food from Germany is so popular around the world.

Buy organic food online - conveniently and reliably

Nowadays you don't have to do without German organic food anywhere in the world. In the online shop at germanfoods.shop you can browse to your heart's content from a wide selection of well-known manufacturers from Germany. You will find everything here: bread and cereal products, lemonades and baby food are just as much a part of the program as all sorts of delicacies. Of course everything is officially certified and guaranteed organic.

You are not just anyone. Don't buy from just anyone!

You want to eat healthy and we want you to be happy. We only offer you products from the most renowned manufacturers in Germany. Alnatura, Hipp or Bionade are only mentioned here as examples, but our range goes far beyond that and is constantly being supplemented and expanded.

Our premium brands

  • Hipp
  • Alnatura
  • Bionade


The Hipp company is a company steeped in tradition that has its roots in Pfaffenhofen, where in the late 19th century Joseph Hipp ground the rusk he had made in his own pastry shop and mixed it with milk to feed his two twins because his wife was having problems breastfeeding had. That was the start of an almost unprecedented success story! Today Hipp is certainly known to almost everyone as a producer of excellent baby food. And Hipp is also committed to sustainability and offers organic food for children. Of course in the proven Hipp quality.


Alnatura has been selling organic food in its own supermarkets since 1984. There are now more than 140 in over 70 cities. Of course, when building and expanding the shops, great care is taken to ensure that everything is built and furnished in accordance with the company's natural principles. Alnatura also produces its own organic food, whereby great importance is attached to the fact that all raw materials are 100% ecologically sound and sustainably produced or grown. A strong partner you can rely on! It is no coincidence that Alnatura now has well-known sales partners in 15 European countries.


Bionade was actually an obsession of master brewer Dieter Leopold. He wanted to turn sugar into gluconic acid. Sounds like alchemy, but the bees demonstrate it. And many trials, errors and tribulations, mistakes and minor successes later, the fruity-fresh refreshment from the Rhön is an integral part of the German organic food scene. We are pleased that we can also offer the Bionade.

Treats for young and old

Who doesn't love it, the honey from Germany? And now you can have it delivered straight to your home! In proven and guaranteed organic quality, healthy and sustainably produced and simply incomparably delicious. And it tastes incomparably good; the little ones as well as the big ones.

You will be amazed how reliably and quickly you get your order delivered. We have a long experience in supplying organic food worldwide. So you get your order fresh and in outstanding quality. This is what we and our logistics partners stand for, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time.

Eat sustainably and healthily worldwide with organic food from Germany

It doesn't matter where you are: you can easily and safely integrate organic food from Germany into your personal menu in the future. At germanfoods.com you will find almost everything you need to eat healthily, ecologically and consciously.

We guarantee that all organic food that we offer is not just called that. No, they are also actual and certified organic food. Trust in us, our experience and the satisfaction of our many customers who already work with us all over the world. Our success is no coincidence, but the result of honest and transparent work.

Put us to the test, we will inspire you!

Thanks to our many years of experience as an online retailer for groceries from Germany, we can offer you services that others cannot provide. The variety of our offers is unique in this form. And whenever you fancy delicious food from Germany, you can conveniently order from germanfoods.shop from anywhere in the world. We take care of everything else, you can place the highest demands on us. After all, we do that ourselves. And we strive to keep improving to keep you satisfied.