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Licorice from Germany

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German licorice

Are you looking for a liquorice store? Why not order licorice from Germany directly and fresh from Germany? At you will find all specialties freshly packed and shipped for you - directly from Germany. The German store offers you a unique selection of licorice from Germany.

Sweets are simply always convincing

Did you know that licorice is the thickened root extract of liquorice? The term licorice rascal is widely used in the German language. It is used to describe a person who wants to impress their counterpart with sweet words - but the meaning of the word actually goes back to the technique of grating the roots of licorice.

Is licorice actually a natural product?

The roots are shredded, i.e. crushed and used in the production of liquorice. So licorice is a genuine natural product. In Germany, the Haribo and Katjes brands are particularly successful with their wide range of licorice products. But also worldwide the liquorice pieces are popular. Since 1925 the product has been on everyone's lips, as they say.

The exact composition of the individual types of licorice is of course always a company secret. Sugar syrup, flour and gelatine are sometimes used to make the shapes of the licorice. However, animal gelatine has long been dispensed with. This means that all customers can enjoy it without any worries: Because this makes liquorice a purely vegan natural product. Sweet and salty ingredients, but also certain herbs, for example, provide the individual flavors.

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We hope you enjoy ordering your new favorite variety directly from Germany. This product is also popular in winter because it also has an antibacterial effect on the throat and pharynx. Now and then a salty Katjes or a colorful selection of Haribo-Colorado - and the day is your friend. Order limited editions and classics in our store now!

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By the way: We deliver fast and on time. This means that you always receive our products directly and fresh from Germany. Maybe you'll decide on Katjes cat paws: Here you can enjoy spicy-sweet liquorice without animal gelatine! Or maybe you decide on Haribo licorice snails. You can order this classic directly from Germany.